[ UK ]

Through his productions, DJ sets and record labels, Midland's output comes across as unassuming and surprising in equal measure, at once subtle, refined and totally raucous. As label owner of Graded, Regraded and Intergraded, he has released music that will go down as some of the early millennium's finest productions: his own ‘Final Credits’ was even named Mixmag’s 2016 song of the year. For all of these production efforts he has received a steady stream of accolades, but it’s possible he’s made his biggest impact with the other side of his craft: DJing. Delivering his kaleidoscopic taste with a mixing technique that nods as much to his British lineage as it does to a smoother European style, he has distinguished himself with sets as classy as they are utterly party rocking. You better believe that Midland might just be the best on-ground at Days Like This 2020.