DJ Boring

[ AUS ]

In 2016, DJ Boring, sent shockwaves through the underground when his track ‘Winona’ appeared on the iconic Slav Youtube channel. The track, comprised of simple, melodramatic chords, a syncopated 909 groove, and a sampled Winona Ryder interview, not only changed the landscape of house music but seemed to define dance music for a new generation. Since then, DJ Boring’s relocation from Melbourne to London has seen him headline sets at Life and Death, AVA Festival, Nuits Sonores, and Melt, earning a reputation as one of the most exciting artists of this generation. Since his debut on DJ Haus’ E-Beamz, he has released music on Lost Palms, LPH White, and his newly founded label, Vienna. DJ Boring’s abilities as an artist are beyond simply being able to write clever melodies and stomping rhythms. His unique talent lies in knowing when to pull back, when to go all-in, an instinct that usually takes years of development, but he has got down pat.